Rebecca Kay reading an inspiring book during postpartum journey - Thrive by Ariana Huffington. World Book Day 2020

Happy world book day! With lock-down still a reality for more than half the population in the world, chances are that you are still at home. Keeping a positive mind, and keeping yourself busy is important if you want to keep the blues away. I have had a few low moments in the past few weeks, having given birth and not being able to share my new bundles of joy with my family and friends.

This is where book reading has helped me in keeping my mental health in a good space.

I have therefore purposely carved out 20 minutes of my day each day to read a book on my Kindle or listen on Audibles. Reading on my iPhone just makes it easier to get distracted, so kindly or the actual hard copy of the book has kept me focussed on meeting my daily reading target.

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My book list for the year is a combination of classic books that I have read before, as well as new books that focus on positive mindset, productivity or building wealth. I am not a fiction lover, I get my dose of fiction from Netflix 🙂 So you will see that the books on my list are all non-fiction and books with lessons that you can apply practically in your daily living.

In conclusion,

If you find any of these topics interesting, then download my recommended book list to get the low-down on why I love these books and why you need to read them too!

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What are your favourite reads of all time?