10 strong reasons why you should start setting your goals.

If you have been following my blog, then you know that I am big on goal setting. As much as I put in the work and effort in the achievements in my life, I would not have achieved them if I did not have a goal in the first place. So I hope this post convinces you why you need to set goals today.

As Geoffrey Abert says “the most important thing about a goal is having one”, goal setting has become a vital part of my life. Twice a year, I evaluate my goals, and review my progress at least once a quarter.

1. Goals are the roadmap to your future you

Yes, you have a vision of where you want to be in the next 5-10 years, but without a roadmap, it will remain a vision. Well-defined goals will give your life more meaning to what you need to do to get to where you want to be in the future.

2. Goals are comparable to strategy in companies

I believe that goal setting is comparable to strategy in a company setting. And if you have worked in a corporate setting, then you would know that companies spend huge amounts of budget on strategy. So why would you as a person not invest time and effort in goal setting?

3. Goals enhance self-awareness

Goal setting is an effective way of knowing where you are starting and what gaps you need to fill to get to where you want to be.

When else would be a better time than when setting your goals to do a true introspective assessment of yourself without feeling pressure or unworthy!

4. Goal setting creates a sense of urgency

If you set your goals properly, then each goal should have a deadline, and an action plan to be followed until completion. Doing this will shift your mindset and actions in a way that acknowledges the urgency of things. The procrastination games your mind used to play on you will gradually slow down as you put your action plans into place. You will also start to be more accountable once you do this exercise, as you now know what you have committed yourself to achieving, and failure to do so will largely be your responsibility.

5. Goal setting closes the gap between desire, action and results

We can dream all day, but without a roadmap and a plan to achieve these dreams, then we will never become doers and we will never see the results of our actions.

Goal setting, when done properly, will help you to critically think of what you actually need to do to achieve your goals.

10 strong reasons why you should start setting your goals.

6. Goals break down the impossible to small actionable and possible steps

Before I started taking goal setting seriously, I would always be frustrated when my big dreams seemed impossible to achieve. It always seemed like a distant dream that would remain nothing more than that.

But I have learned to break down my vision into small actionable steps that I can take, even if it will take me 5 years to eventually tick off a goal. I have long-term goals and short-term goals, and each goal is broken down into milestones to help me keep pushing towards the ultimate prize.

7. Goal achievements build confidence and self esteem

Self confidence does not come naturally to everyone. I am one of those people who have benefited a lot from the boost in self confidence from achieving ambitious goals, especially when people around me have doubted my ability to achieve them.

Imagine the feeling you get when you achieve a goal that you didn’t think you could ever achieve… You then start to believe in yourself more and set more ambitious goals… You achieve these ambitious goals once again, and the cycle continues… Goal setting has a compounding effect when these goals are seen through to the end.

8. Goal setting leads us to unbeaten paths of success

If you have ever heard of the phrase “successful people achieve what 95% of the population don’t”, goal setting is a key ingredient in this outcome. If people like Oprah, Michelle Obama, Kylie Jenner were not afraid to push the boundaries and set goals that seemed unattainable at the time, they would not be where they are today.

9. Goal setting makes failure a quick learning opportunity

Instead of focusing on failures, goal setting and reviewing brings the opportunity of refining goals as one goes along in the journey to reaching their goals.

It also becomes an eye-opening experience, to understanding why things went wrong, and what needs to be done differently. Failure to achieve a goal could also mean that the goal was not the right one for you in the first place. If you did not have a goal that you failed to achieve, you wouldn’t know this, and you may even have spent more time chasing after things that were not meant for you.

“If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time”

Zig Ziglar

10. Goal setting puts you in control over what you can control

In an uncertain world where there are so many factors in our environment that we cannot control, setting goals puts control back in your hands.

We can definitely control our daily actions, habits and routines, and create an environment that will allow us to thrive even in a world of uncertainty.

In conclusion,

I hope you found this post useful, next time I will be sharing how you can achieve goals that you will smash every single time!

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