• Ep 17. How to save 2 hours a week with a project management system

    Shownotes Ever wondered how you get back control of your work day with all the things on your to-do list? Today’s episode is all about how to save yourself two hours a week with a project management tool.  We’ve explored what a project management system is and why you need it to scale. Now it’s […]


  • How to have a CEO Day in your business

    Do you have a CEO day in your business? Having a CEO day plays a huge role in growing your business to new levels.

    Have you heard of CEO days, or do you have CEO days in your business? If you haven’t heard of CEO days, maybe you’ve been having back-to-back client calls, 12-hour days filled with busy work as you manage the day-to-day operations of your business. All this is normal. Obviously, there are ways to streamline your […]


  • How to declutter your digital workspace

    Nobody likes a cluttered workspace. The same applies to our digital workspace. Here's a step by step guide on how to declutter your digital workspace.

    Today I want to give a few tips on something that I know we could all do better and it’s something we all need to do as well. That is how to declutter and keep a clean digital workspace. If you are a business owner, you probably spend 80% of your time working on your […]