• Ep 27. How to become the 6 Figure CEO and Ignite your results ft. Julie Ciardi

    Shownotes Do you hear chatter about six-figure, seven-figure, and even eight-figure metrics? It seems like everyone is talking about them, right? But how many people are actually talking about who you need to be to hit those elusive metrics in your business? Sure there is talk about the marketing strategy and the sales strategy, don’t get me […]


  • Four mistakes to avoid when hiring and growing a team

    Are you looking to hire a team member and not sure where to start? Here are four mistakes to avoid when hiring.

    If you’ve been in business for a while then you know that the things you handle today look very different from what your schedule used to look like when you were starting out. At some point, every business owner needs to face the reality that their business can’t just be their baby. It needs to […]


  • Ep 26. How to dominate your Facebook Ads Strategy with Katie Colella

    Shownotes Facebook ads, funnels, and sales automation – oh my! Did you cringe at all those words? Think they sound too technical? Maybe you rolled your eyes, saying to yourself that Facebook ads are dead and not worth your time? Or perhaps you’ve invested in Facebook ads and felt let down.  Today, I’m bringing in […]


  • How to prepare for massive growth in your business with a team

    Are you ready to grow your team? Here are tips on how to prepare your business for massive growth with a team.

    Introduction You are doing all the things in your business, but you’ve realized that it’s not sustainable. Most of us start our online businesses as solopreneurs, and I get why it’s not always the easiest thing to let go of doing everything and let someone else do it for you. But it’s the key to […]


  • Ep 25. How to scale your business with a sustainable Pinterest Strategy ft. Domitille Sia-Holik

    Shownotes Does anyone else love getting on Pinterest and scrolling for the latest how-to or birthday planning ideas? Did you know that you can utilize it for your business? Pinterest, I think, is one of the internet’s best-kept secrets. With 450+ million active monthly users, think about the untapped audience you have access to.  Today, […]