• How to plan for the month

    How to plan for the month ahead and achieve your business goals

    I know this is arguably the toughest year that most of us will ever face in our lifetime: work from home, social distancing, away from friends and maybe even family, homeschooling for us moms, and the list goes on. With all the uncertainty around us, it’s easier not to plan for the month and go with […]


  • How to work from home productively in lockdown

    How to work from home and be productive during lock-down.

    With our lives revolving around home almost since the start of the year, we have had to make adjustments. We have to make our homes a place where we can actually get some work done. The fact that the kids are also at home doesn’t make it any easier! With your toddler shouting your name […]


  • How to price your product for the win

    How to price your product competitively.

    You have nailed your product/service and you know that it is going to be a hit. But you still need to figure out how much to price it…… Pricing can be a headache because there is no exact science to it; I find it to be a balance between an art and a science. This […]