• How to pay yourself from your business

    How to determine how much pay yourself as an entrepreneur.

    There is nothing more stressful than putting up capital, running a business, and not getting a penny in return. Sounds crazy right? It is actually a more common practice amongst entrepreneurs than you would think. How much should you pay yourself anyway? There is a tendency to believe that you should either not take any […]


  • Mid-year Goal Reflections: 2020

    Mid-year goals reflections and review for 2020.

    I woke up to a normal day in the house with my newborn twin girls and noisy toddler son, and when I went onto social media during the day, I realized that this was not just a normal day for most, it was the first day of the second half of what is probably the […]


  • Overcoming overwhelm as a mumpreneur

    How to overcome overwhelm as a mumpreneur in five simple steps.

    Last week, I surveyed a group of around 15 women online and the results were astounding; 85% of these women mentioned that their greatest challenges as mothers with businesses was lack of time and burnout! So if these are feelings you often experience, you are not alone. It is very easy to experience overwhelm as […]