• How to maximize your productivity with cycle syncing

    how to maximize your productivity around your feminine cycle

    I’m so, so excited about today’s interview, because I have the amazing Sarah Blake as my guest. I’ve always been curious to understand and learn what working in flow has to do with your hormonal cycle. This is why I invited Sarah as she’s able to share with us about what cycle syncing has to […]


  • Ep 12. Asana vs. Trello vs. Clickup: which one is right for your business

    Shownotes Asana, Trello, Clickup…. Which one is right for your business??? Picking the right project management tool for your business can be very intimidating especially if you haven’t thought through the objectives you want to achieve by using a tool to manage your day-to-day operations. So if you’ve been shopping around and still not sure […]


  • Ep 11. How to thrive with routine as a SAHM with Cassidy Carpenter

    Shownotes Being a present mom and thriving in your business or career is not a simple balancing act. In fact, sometimes I feel like work-life-balance doesn’t really apply to busy moms. It’s more like work-life integration and today we are talking about how to integrate the different areas in your life to create the life […]


  • How I use Asana to manage my coaching business

    Do you have a task management system to help manage your business? I use Asana to manage my business and it's been a game changer. Here's how I use it.

    Here’s one thing I can say for sure since I started using Asana: I have spent way less time toggling between tabs trying to multitask and remember what I need to do next. Managing my business with Asana has made it so much easier to stay focused on the things that actually matter while keeping […]


  • Ep 10. Give your business some self care with CEO days

    Shownotes Ever heard of CEO Days and wondering if it’s a good idea to try them out? In this episode you will learn: What is a CEO day and why CEO days will absolutely transform your business How to incorporate CEO days even with a limited schedule like mine What you should be doing on […]