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  • How to rock your morning routine like successful people

    Morning routine for successful people

    I used to convince myself that being a night owl was awesome! It meant that I could work into the wee hours of the night, and not have to worry about waking up early. This all changed when I had my twins and realized that if I didn’t have a proper morning routine, I would never have time to myself. I indeed needed to rock my morning routine like successful people.

    When I started becoming more intentional with my morning routine, I noticed that I was sleeping earlier and longer hours. Overall I felt so much better about myself and had more energy throughout the day.

    It also meant that when the twins would wake up, I already had a headstart to the day. I get to spend some time with them before heading to my 9-5 office. So, I get to be present and in the moment with them without feeling overwhelmed that I haven’t gotten anything done or planned for the day.

    Being a corporate side hustler also means that you don’t have the whole day to work on your business. In fact, you only have a few hours in the morning and a few hours at night (depending on how tired you are after work) to make any progress.

    My morning hours are the most productive hours where I am also at high alert. Without a successful morning routine, I wouldn’t have an extra hour to work on my side hustle. This extra hour is literally how I have built my coaching business (and a few more hours on Saturday mornings too).

    If you are not yet convinced, here are other reasons why a morning routine is important.

    It gets me in the right mindset

    Mindset is everything if you want to be that 6-figure mompreneur. You need to wake up with the right mindset to handle the challenges of juggling corporate life + motherhood and a side hustle. The best way to do this is to create a solid morning routine.

    I get to have self care time

    I didn’t read as much before I started having a consistent morning routine. Since starting and being consistent with my morning routine, I have gone through at least 1 book a month, simply by spending 10-15 minutes in the morning to catch up with my reading. 

    Quiet time before the kids wake up! 

    I am sure you miss the days when you had peace and quiet for long hours. You can have that today! You just need to wake up and get your consistent morning routine before the kids wake up. 

    During my morning routine, I can think clearly and make some progress. Especially with the high-level tasks that need my full concentration, without a baby screaming for attention in the background.

    How to start a morning routine like successful people

    Getting into the habit of a consistent morning routine is not easy. But it’s definitely worth it once you start to do it and see how it makes you feel both physically and mentally.

    First of all, here are a few tips to help you wake up on time for your morning routine:

    Tip #1: Sleep 15 minutes earlier today

    I know you were probably wondering if this was a typo or not, but YES. The secret to a morning routine like successful people have consistently, is to sleep early. Sleeping earlier will give you enough hours of good quality sleep so that you are ready for the early wake-up call. Start by sleeping 15 minutes earlier than your usual bedtime, and incrementally sleeping earlier every week. Do this until you get to the point where you are getting 7 to 7.5 hours of good quality sleep.

    The work that you weren’t able to do the day before, can wait. You will get it done much faster and more efficiently if you sleep early and well enough. Just schedule it for your morning hours.

    Tip #2: Build on your morning routine incrementally. 

    If you have never had a consistent morning routine, don’t start with a 1-hour morning routine. Start with a 15-minute routine for 1 or 2 items from my 3G method below. Once you have consistently completed your routine for at least 3 days, you can start to increase the amount of time you spend on your morning routine. For every 15 minutes you sleep earlier, you should be able to increase your morning routine by 15 minutes.

    Tip 3: Work in small pockets of time

    I got this tip from the book, The 5am club, which you can get here.  The mistake we make as humans is to overestimate how much we can achieve in a short space of time. For example, instead of thinking about the number of pages you want to read in a day, think of the amount of time you want to spend reading. That’s a much easier and realistic way to set your morning routine goals and increase your time spend, as you become more consistent.

    All you need to do is devote 20 minutes to each pillar from my 3G method, which I have broken down easily for you below:

    Growth: 20 minutes

    This is the time you can dedicate to your personal growth and development. One of the things that almost every successful person I know of does, is to READ. You cannot pour from an empty cup, and you cannot share what you don’t know.

    If you want to be successful, then you need to commit to creating a morning routine like successful people do. Through my 3G method, I have been able to go through 10 books in the same year that I had my twins! Before that, I barely finished 3….

    The secret to this method is being consistent, committing to waking up early and getting your 3G’s done before the day begins.

    Gratitude: 20 minutes

    I can’t emphasize enough the power of prayer, meditation and journaling. I struggled with negative mindset and self confidence throughout my adulthood, and starting an online business from scratch only made it worse. 

    Once I started putting in the time to journal, do my daily affirmations and show gratitude for everything happening to me and around me, I started to show up for my business in a different way. 

    I cannot overstate how important it is to take time for gratitude, and the inner self work that is needed as part of a morning routine. 

    Go: 20 minutes

    Do your workout in the morning and forget about it. I don’t know if your 9-5 is as unpredictable as mine, but waking up earlier to do my workout has made me feel more energetic throughout the day.

    Whether you workout plans get derailed or not, you know that at least you have gotten 20 minutes of exercise. Imagine how fit you will be by the end of the year, if you got 20 minutes of daily exercise, that’s 7300 minutes of moving your body!

    What makes a morning routine successful

    • Plan the night before, so that in the morning you are all systems go
    • If you have a workout, remove your clothes so that you see them when you wake up
    • Prepare your breakfast the night before (smoothies and overnight oats have been my go-to breakfast on-the-go)

    In conclusion, 

    My morning routine has completely changed my way of life, for the better, I

    • Complete 1 book a month just through my morning routine
    • Got disciplined in getting my kids to sleep early, and sleeping early myself
    • Wake up feeling much more refreshed and ready to slay the day
    • Get 20 minutes to work on my business before I start my 9-5
    • Get some quiet space to meditate, journal and visualize the success I want to have
    • Feel better about myself because I have my workout, and a good breakfast to start the day
    • Have some (actually, lots of) peace and quiet before the kids wake up!

    Do you have a morning routine? What’s your favourite part of your morning routine?

    Morning routine for successful people


  • Mid-year Goal Reflections: 2020

    Mid-year goals reflections and review for 2020.

    I woke up to a normal day in the house with my newborn twin girls and noisy toddler son, and when I went onto social media during the day, I realized that this was not just a normal day for most, it was the first day of the second half of what is probably the most eventful year for many of us! I already started reviewing my 2020 goals back in May, and you can have a look at this post to see my process. But, I just had to do it again for tradition’s sake.

    Short-term goals – 9. Achieved – 2

    I am honestly so happy that I have managed to move the needle with my goals, all while having 2 kids under 2 + a toddler at home throughout.

    I have been intentional about celebrating small wins, even as I work towards my big goals, but here are a few short-term goals that I won:

    • Started the Women Thrive Tribe community
    • Saved half of my targeted savings
    • Invested in a business coach

    Long-term goals – 4. Achieved – 0


    Having twins has been no mean feat. Having a toddler to attend to during lock-down has been even tougher. Adding a business community to the mix makes me wonder whether I was sane to do so! But I have had some of the most fulfilling moments in my life during this time for which I will be forever grateful.


    While these are 2-5 year goals, I cannot say that I have not done anything to get on track to achieving them. Starting the Women Thrive Tribe community alone has been a game-changer for me, and not only has it helped me realize my potential and passion for empowering women, but it has also brought along so many relationships that I needed to have during this season.


    I took 6 months off work to focus on raising my twins, not knowing that Covid-19 had its own plans. So career-wise we are at a standstill, but this is something I knew I would have to sacrifice in the short-term.

    I have truly come to appreciate the power of focusing on a few things and doing them well. When the time comes, I will be back at my desk in the office, doing what I need to do to get back on track with my career path.

    Mind & Wellness

    Who knew that I would have read 6 books, year to date, all while giving birth to twins? I thank the Kindle for making it easy to read on the go, on my phone, and whenever I have a few minutes to spare. This is honestly the only reason why I have been able to read this much.

    Purpose & Faith

    At the beginning of the year, I was tired of wandering in life not knowing if I was pursuing my purpose or just a well-paying career. I have made significant progress in understanding who I am, what makes me happy and fulfilled, and who I want to be. All these can be packaged into a “job description”, but if you are not sure whether you are on the right path, it could all be meaningless.

    Finding my purpose and calling is a journey, but I have made big leaps into helping other ambitious mums to start, grow and thrive in their businesses. That to me is a calling on its own, and I feel fulfilled to have started on this path.

    Mid-year goals reflections and review for 2020.

    Learning lessons from the first half of 2020

    When I ask, “how many balls are you juggling”, I only expect other moms to understand what I mean. I had plans in my mind for my maternity leave, including

    • working while my son would be in school
    • traveling for a baecation
    • planning a 60th birthday for someone special in my life
    • achieving a higher target for my new business

    All these plans became meaningless when the lockdown in Kenya was announced for the third time!!! I am learning to adjust and to find ways of working around my kids in a way that still makes them feel attended to and appreciated.

    I am also learning about celebrating small wins as I focus on my big goals. My business is not where I would have wanted it to be, but I have made so much progress in laying the foundation to what I know will be a huge success!

    How have you adjusted to 2020 so far, and what wins have you experienced?


  • 7 Habits of the world’s wealthiest women

    This article talks about the 7 habits of the world's wealthiest women, or 7 habits of highly succesful women. These habits include physical exercise, continuous learning and not giving up.

    Think of any of the most influential women who you look up to as role models, and based on what you know about them, what stands out? I thought about this hard over the weekend, because there must be at least 7 habits that are common among the world’s wealthiest women. The reason that this is important, is because habits form routines that make up what we do everyday. What we do everyday will determine where we will be in 5, 10, 20 years down the line. Given that most of us want to be wealthy in our own rights, then understanding the 7 habits of the world’s wealthiest women is a must.

    1.They are never satisfied with what they know

    Continuous learning is part and parcel of the DNA of these women. Think of Michelle O who talks about her love for reading in her biography. Studies have also shown that 88% of the world’s wealthiest people read for at least 30 minutes a day. This reading ranges from educational to self help books and biographies.

    2. They plan for their success

    Goal setting is a critical part of these women’s lives. They also track their progress with razor sharp focus. It almost seems like an obsessive compulsive disorder about tracking and measuring the progress in all areas of their lives, not just their wealth.

    So if you are not big on goal setting yet, have a look at my articles here that show the exact methods you can use to start setting and crushing your goals from now on.

    3. They don’t give up

    Imagine where Oprah or JK Rowling would be if they gave up when they got fired from their jobs? In fact, this setback most likely set the scene for the biggest breaks in their careers. Their stories show that setbacks will always be there; it is how you respond that determines how successful you will turn out in the end.

    4. They exercise regularly

    Not sure how this translates to money in the bank account? Well, if you are physically healthy, then you will automatically have a better mental capacity to handle challenges, make those big business moves, negotiate better, and the list goes on. Michelle Obama talks about her daily routine when she started her career; her day started at the gym everyday at 5am!

    Take time to exercise regularly, even if it’s a 30-minute walk or a few skips right in the house.

    5. Mentors are a critical part of their journey

    The world’s wealthiest women understand the importance of surrounding themselves with success-oriented people. They are intentional about how they spend time with their mentors, and who mentors them at different stages in their lives.

    They heavily invest in these relationships, and attribute a lot of their success to the advice and support received from their mentors.

    If you surround yourself with positive people, prosperity and wealth easily flows.

    6. They have a positive mindset, always

    I can’t think of any self-made female billionaire who doesn’t talk about the importance of self love, self care and a positive mindset. These women know that wealth starts from within; it starts from a place of believing that you are wealthy even before the cash hits your bank account. The positive mindset then triggers ideas and actions that move you in the direction of that wealth.

    7. Passion before profit

    The last of the 7 habits of the world’s wealthiest women is placing an importance in passion and service, before profit. These women are passionate about giving back to the community; leaving the world a better place than how they found it; teaching and mentoring others. They understand that to be wealthy is not just about the size of the balance in your bank account, but it’s about how fulfilled you are doing what you do everyday.

    So in conclusion,

    Before you think of making money, first thing of how you can make an impact from your business, and then the money-making part will flow more naturally.

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  • Tired of setting goals repeatedly and not achieving them? Here’s my proven method of how to set goals and crush them

    how to set goals and achieve them. This post explains how to make your goal plan much more achievable, so that you can crush your goals every single time.

    Like many of us, the first few days of the year are a sacred time where I ambitiously set out all the new year resolutions and goals that I want to achieve. For a long time, I was in a vicious cycle of; set not not achieve… You get where I am going on this. I just couldn’t get my big break on how to set goals and crush them.

    Wanting so many things to happen in my life and not getting a breakthrough, I couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. I had my aha moment two years ago when I started being more intentional about what exactly it is that I want to achieve.

    What I did

    So for example, instead of just putting down a goal such as “get a promotion at work”, I broke it down into

    • why this goal is important
    • what value it speaks to
    • how exactly will I achieve this goal
    • how I will celebrate my win

    Of course, this exercise has been much more difficult and time-consuming to do than the previous one-line statements I would repeatedly write at the start of each year, it has definitely been rewarding. This article by HBR also explains the importance of aligning your goals to the things that you actually care about – it will make the work and effort needed to achieve them, much easier to do.

    The Result

    As I mentioned on my Instagram post, this is the exercise I did to reach my goals of

    • landing my 6-figure job
    • being an employer of women with potential through my side hustle & sustaining the business with no capital from anyone
    • reaching my savings target for the year
    • organising one of the largest professional events in the region

    I did this ALL while I had a high-risk twin pregnancy, and was out of work for almost a month! I am not trying to brag on my achievements, but I want other like-minded women to achieve over and beyond what they think they are capable of achieving. And I can tell you for sure that this exercise has helped me to do that. It is not rocket science. You can set goals and crush them if:

    • you have a systematized way of doing it, and
    • if you are willing to put in the work/effort to actually achieve them.

    Let me break it down a little more for you:

    Clarity on your why

    On the days that you are not motivated, your WHY is what will keep you going. If you don’t know why you want to achieve a goal, or if the reason behind it is not strong enough, then you might easily give up when the going gets tough.

    Is the goal linked to your values?

    It’s so easy to feel pressured into wanting what the next person has achieved. But is it the right thing for you? Does it resonate with your values? Is this goal leading you on the right path where you should be at this very point in your life?

    These are all tough, but necessary questions to make the goal setting exercise worthwhile.

    How exactly will I achieve this goal?

    Instead of asking yourself if your goal is realistic, ask yourself how you will achieve this goal.

    Break the goal down into bite-size pieces, so that you can assess how long each milestone will take. This way, you won’t just be putting an action plan in place, you will also be putting a realistic deadline to your goal.

    However, you should have mini-deadlines for the milestones that culminate towards the final goal. Sometimes a milestone is a goal in itself. So don’t always look to achieving your big goals as a measure of how well you are doing. Progress is progress, celebrate the small wins so that you can get closer to the big ones!

    tired of setting goals and not achieving them? here is my proven method of how to set goals and crush them every single time.

    How will I reward myself when I achieve this goal?

    It seems counter intuitive to reward yourself, but it definitely works! Whenever you reach a milestone, not only should you celebrate this achievement, but you should also reward yourself for doing so. For each goal, write down one way in which you can reward yourself, whether it’s a small gift, a holiday, or even a self-care activity that you don’t do often – like a full day at the spa!

    The good old SMART system

    You probably heard of SMART goals in primary/elementary school, but maybe you haven’t found this approach useful. The SMART goal approach can be very powerful if you are applying it to the right set of goals. So first get your priorities right, and then setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based goals will be a walk in the park.

    If you are ready to take your goal setting to the next level, download a FREE goal plan and checklist template to get you started below! You too can set goals and crush them, every, single, time.

    If you haven’t as yet, also check this post where I talk about being accountable to a goal plan once you have committed yourself to it.

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    How to set goals and achieve them. This post explains how to make your goal plan much more achievable, so that you can crush your goals every single time.


  • 10 Powerful reasons why you need to set goals today

    10 strong reasons why you should start setting your goals.

    If you have been following my blog, then you know that I am big on goal setting. As much as I put in the work and effort in the achievements in my life, I would not have achieved them if I did not have a goal in the first place. So I hope this post convinces you why you need to set goals today.

    As Geoffrey Abert says “the most important thing about a goal is having one”, goal setting has become a vital part of my life. Twice a year, I evaluate my goals, and review my progress at least once a quarter.

    1. Goals are the roadmap to your future you

    Yes, you have a vision of where you want to be in the next 5-10 years, but without a roadmap, it will remain a vision. Well-defined goals will give your life more meaning to what you need to do to get to where you want to be in the future.

    2. Goals are comparable to strategy in companies

    I believe that goal setting is comparable to strategy in a company setting. And if you have worked in a corporate setting, then you would know that companies spend huge amounts of budget on strategy. So why would you as a person not invest time and effort in goal setting?

    3. Goals enhance self-awareness

    Goal setting is an effective way of knowing where you are starting and what gaps you need to fill to get to where you want to be.

    When else would be a better time than when setting your goals to do a true introspective assessment of yourself without feeling pressure or unworthy!

    4. Goal setting creates a sense of urgency

    If you set your goals properly, then each goal should have a deadline, and an action plan to be followed until completion. Doing this will shift your mindset and actions in a way that acknowledges the urgency of things. The procrastination games your mind used to play on you will gradually slow down as you put your action plans into place. You will also start to be more accountable once you do this exercise, as you now know what you have committed yourself to achieving, and failure to do so will largely be your responsibility.

    5. Goal setting closes the gap between desire, action and results

    We can dream all day, but without a roadmap and a plan to achieve these dreams, then we will never become doers and we will never see the results of our actions.

    Goal setting, when done properly, will help you to critically think of what you actually need to do to achieve your goals.

    6. Goals break down the impossible to small actionable and possible steps

    Before I started taking goal setting seriously, I would always be frustrated when my big dreams seemed impossible to achieve. It always seemed like a distant dream that would remain nothing more than that.

    But I have learned to break down my vision into small actionable steps that I can take, even if it will take me 5 years to eventually tick off a goal. I have long-term goals and short-term goals, and each goal is broken down into milestones to help me keep pushing towards the ultimate prize.

    7. Goal achievements build confidence and self esteem

    Self confidence does not come naturally to everyone. I am one of those people who have benefited a lot from the boost in self confidence from achieving ambitious goals, especially when people around me have doubted my ability to achieve them.

    Imagine the feeling you get when you achieve a goal that you didn’t think you could ever achieve… You then start to believe in yourself more and set more ambitious goals… You achieve these ambitious goals once again, and the cycle continues… Goal setting has a compounding effect when these goals are seen through to the end.

    8. Goal setting leads us to unbeaten paths of success

    If you have ever heard of the phrase “successful people achieve what 95% of the population don’t”, goal setting is a key ingredient in this outcome. If people like Oprah, Michelle Obama, Kylie Jenner were not afraid to push the boundaries and set goals that seemed unattainable at the time, they would not be where they are today.

    9. Goal setting makes failure a quick learning opportunity

    Instead of focusing on failures, goal setting and reviewing brings the opportunity of refining goals as one goes along in the journey to reaching their goals.

    It also becomes an eye-opening experience, to understanding why things went wrong, and what needs to be done differently. Failure to achieve a goal could also mean that the goal was not the right one for you in the first place. If you did not have a goal that you failed to achieve, you wouldn’t know this, and you may even have spent more time chasing after things that were not meant for you.

    “If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time”

    Zig Ziglar

    10. Goal setting puts you in control over what you can control

    In an uncertain world where there are so many factors in our environment that we cannot control, setting goals puts control back in your hands.

    We can definitely control our daily actions, habits and routines, and create an environment that will allow us to thrive even in a world of uncertainty.

    In conclusion,

    I hope you found this post useful, next time I will be sharing how you can achieve goals that you will smash every single time!

    Download a free copy of my goal action plan and checklist and start smashing your goals today!

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    10 strong reasons why you should start setting your goals.