In today’s show, we chat with Angelica Marnier who is a professional course creator and is the Founder of Corporate Countdown – a web based coaching system that helps women transition out of their 9 to 5 jobs and into careers that excite them.

She is a Cum Laude UCLA graduate, with a BA in Mass Communications.

We talk about;

  • How to get started in online courses
  • What topics are hot right now
  • How simple it is to create online courses, as in the 3 basic tools you need to get started
  • How to put your course into passive income mode, and so much more.

Here’s more about Angelica: Angelica  was born in Washington, DC, her and her Mom moved to Southern California when she was 7 and she grew up in Inglewood with dreams of making it big. Her first jobs out of college were at Fox and Disney. She quickly learned that corporate America was not a good fit for her, so she dove feet first into real estate financing.

Unfortunately, when the real estate market crashed during the great recession she made the move back to corporate America, still in real estate financing. She worked her way to the top where she was dealing with the firm’s highest-echelon clients, those having $1M+ in liquid assets. While working in real estate, her and her co-workers would talk and dream about getting out of their desk jobs, but had no clue how. They needed a proven system they could follow and see results that would allow them to replace their income so that they could spend more time with their kids and spouses, instead of giving the best hours of their day to someone else’s dream.

They wanted to have a safe transition out, so there were no major interruptions in their income…and that’s how Corporate Countdown came to be.

Angelica has helped many women through her business, in transitioning from the corporate world to becoming their own bosses, and how to do it sustainably through creating online courses that they are passion about.

You are going to grab a notebook and a pen, I took a ton of them. Enjoy the show!

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