Today on the Solo to CEO Podcast, I’m talking about how to beat year-end fatigue. Anyone else feeling this as we are in quarter four of 2021? There is a lot of pressure from all sides of our lives during this time. Planning, meeting goals, bridging any gaps, family, holidays, kids out of school, and the list goes on. 

“What can you say no to right now? That is not going to make a significant difference in the results you’re going to get in your business.” – Rebecca Kay.

You won’t want to miss this episode as I review a few signs to look for and some tips for helping you beat the year-end fatigue.  

Highlights include:

  • Interesting stats about burnout (2:17)
  • Signs that you could be experiencing burnout (2:55)
  • Why this happens (5:01)
  • Now you recognize it, here are four things to do (8:23)
  • Bonus tip (15:30)

What did you think of the four things to do to help you beat year-end fatigue? Do you already do any of these? Or were you experiencing burnout and didn’t realize it? Come chat with me on Instagram or join my free Facebook Community.

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