“Your intuition is telling you what to do. And a lot of times we fight with it because we know that it’s probably not what everyone else is doing.” – Lindsay Maloney.


Today I have the pleasure of having Lindsay Maloney on the show, and we are diving into how to book your dream clients. Be sure to have pen and paper near as Lindsay shares her brilliance and tips she used to grow her business to a six-figure business. 


Lindsay Maloney is a self-made business and success coach who teaches women to start and scale their dream coaching businesses with simplicity and confidence. 


Lindsay works with women who want to get unstuck and structure their brilliance into a sustainable and financially exhilarating coaching business. She believes that you should always choose your intuition to guide you as you grow your business. 


She is also the creator of the Standout Coaching Academy and is the host of the Book Your Dream Clients Podcast.


You won’t want to miss this episode as Lindsay shares different avenues of growing and scaling your coaching business.


Highlights include:

  • Lindsay shares her journey to being a business owner 
  • Building a business without social media being what we know it is to be today 
  • Tips for how to get your website ready to attract dream clients 
  • What to do to ensure that your business, offers, and programs make sense financially 
  • How not to be boxed into a specific business model and expand your business 
  • Tips on how you can lean into intuition 
  • Lindsay shares tools that she has used to scale her business 
  • Time management tips to be consistent without subscribing to the hustle mentality 


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