Is launching one of those things you have a love-hate relationship with just because of how stressful it can be and how much energy it takes mentally and physically? If you answered a resounding yes, then this episode is for you!

Today I’m going to break down how I use my project management system to launch without overwhelm. I will also share some tips based on my experience with launches and launches that I’ve been in. 

“Having a successful launch is not just about the assets. It’s not just about the content, the emails, how great your ads are; it’s also about the mental energy you are bringing to the mix. ” – Rebecca Muriuki

Highlights include:

  • Planning is vital 
  • Review your calendar and time blocking 
  • Brainstorm tasks and delegate  
  • Templates, templates, and more templates  
  • Know your metrics upfront 
  • Batch content, emails, graphics – everything  
  • Downtime – take care of you  

What did you think about those seven tips on having a successful launch without the overwhelm? Which tip did you find most helpful? Or what tip are you most excited to implement? I’d love to know! Come chat with me on Instagram or join my free Facebook Community.



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