When you hear the word “scaling,” what comes to mind? Do you think hitting 10k months, or that elusive seven-figure business? Unpopular opinion time, it doesn’t mean either. Why? Because scaling is different for each business owner. 

I’m going to dive into why scaling to your version of a freedom-aligned business or version of a lifestyle-led business needs to be customized. You’re not going to want to miss this episode as I walk through my scalable business blueprint.  

“Now is a good time to do reflecting and ask yourself. What does scaling mean to me? What would a picture of success look like for me in my business given my goals, what I find valuable, what my values are and where I want to go, and what my big business goals are?” – Rebecca Muriuki

Highlights include:

  • Scalable strategy (7:09)
  • Current income stream (8:32)
  • Not hitting consistent revenue months (9:01)
  • Big business goals and number of clients (10:34)
  • Busy work taking up your time (11:31)
  • Clear on your outsourcing wish list (12:46)

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