Facebook ads, funnels, and sales automation – oh my! Did you cringe at all those words? Think they sound too technical? Maybe you rolled your eyes, saying to yourself that Facebook ads are dead and not worth your time? Or perhaps you’ve invested in Facebook ads and felt let down. 

Today, I’m bringing in a strategist to demystify these concepts and give practical steps to putting these in place for your business. I’m also thrilled to say that Facebook ads are still a highly effective way of generating quality leads in your business. Sure there is an investment that is required, but strategy and planning are key.

Katie Colella is a Facebook ad and sales funnel strategist. She has a degree in social media and is a number 1 Amazon best-selling author. Kaite is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs set up a marketing strategy that works for their business and lifestyle. She loves the tech side and increasing visibility and growing your email list. If you are ready to pass your struggles of where you are to where you want to be, you don’t want to miss this episode!

“It’s a mix of getting that right image or video to the right audience, the correct headline, the right copy in front of that correct audience in terms of what their pain points are, and their obstacles are, and what they need a little bit of help with.” – Katie Colella

Highlights include:

  • About Katie, her journey, and what she’s currently doing (4:48)

  • Creating her version of location freedom (7:38)

  • Systems she leans into to achieve this freedom (12:34)

  • Is Facebook a magic wand or part of a bigger strategy? (17:00)

  • Common mistakes with ad strategy (20:55)

  • What conversion events are doing well (22:51)

  • Facebook Reels?! (24:34)

  • When is the best time to invest in marketing (25:28)

  • Sales funnel first or focus on Facebook ad strategy (28:38)

  • Tips to simplify the process (30:12)

  • A lifetime supply of washing machine tables? (33:43)

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