Have you been thinking about managing and growing a team for strategic scaling and growth in your business? Then you are not going to want to miss our four-part series. And I know, you are probably scratching your head and thinking to yourself – I thought Rebecca is a systems and automation strategist? Short answer, yes! Your system strategy needs to be in line with the vision for your business and who you want to support your business. 

Today, I’m tackling why doing everything on your own is not a strategy. Your systems need to grow, be flexible and adaptable as your business grows, and bring on new people. If you feel that the DIY route is the best strategy for your business, listen to this episode. The DIY way is not a long-term strategy. I’ll walk you through what is necessary to prepare for the growth of your team and business. 

“Your systems and team strategy go hand in hand; you cannot do one without the other.” – Rebecca Kay

Highlights include:

  • You cannot buy time (4:03)
  • Be a captain (5:56)
  • Standard operating procedures (6:48)
  • Hiring in reactive mode and not proactive mode (8:34)
  • The lesson I learned (10:01)
  • What is on your outsourcing list (12:40)
  • Signs you are ready to outsource (13:56)
  • Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed to start (15:17)
  • Leverage help to free up time to maximize your income generating tasks (16:18)

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