Do you also consider adding team members when you think about your business growth? If you don’t, you should. If we want to achieve specific growth goals in our business, we need a support system, and we need a team to help us grow our business. Your team will be crucial in your growth and your overall strategy. 

Before I dive in, have you listened to episodes 28 and 29 yet in this four-part series? If not, hit pause and do that, and then I’ll meet you back here to talk about how to prepare your business for massive growth with a team.

Today, I’m diving into 5 limiting beliefs that may be holding us back from putting a team in place. I will also share the proprietary method that I take clients through to ensure their businesses are well prepared. After this episode, you’ll be ready to kick those limiting beliefs out of the way and get to growing your team to prepare for massive growth. Are you ready? Grab a notebook and pen, and let’s get started. 

“Having a dream team in place to help you scale to the next level is not just about hiring the right person. It’s about preparing your business so that your team is set up to succeed ” – Rebecca Kay. 

Highlights include:

  • Why am I so passionate about growing your business (3:07)
  • I can’t, it’s too expensive (4:35)
  • I’m giving my revenue and profits away (5:40)
  • It’s quicker if I do it myself (7:06)
  • No one does it better than me (8:11)
  • I can get to the next level on my own (10:07)
  • Assess what you do each day in your business (11:43)
  • Audit these tasks (12:20)
  • What tasks can be automated? (13:03)
  • Assign and align (14:33)
  • Process and structure (15:02)
  • Prepare before you are ready (15:50)
  • Systems setup (16:44)
  • Shift your mindset (17:23)

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