Are you setting your business up for success in the long run? Or are you wanting instant gratification of seeing immediate benefits like when you post on Instagram? Growing a team and having the right systems to support your team is what you do for the long game with a long-term strategy. 

Have you been enjoying this series on team and systems strategy? What are your thoughts on episodes 28, 29, and 30 in this four-part series? If you haven’t tuned into the previous episodes, hit pause and do that, and then I’ll meet you back here to talk about the 6 must-have tools to manage your virtual team.

Today’s topic is such an important one to talk about now. I want you to start thinking of what you want to do differently? How do you want to set up your systems? How do you want to think about growing your team? And how to set up the structure that will allow them to thrive and enable you to succeed without feeling that this is giving you more stress. 

 Are you ready? Grab a notebook and pen, and let’s get started. 

“I want you to focus on what you are putting into those tools, the processes, the SOPs, the workflows. That is going to make a difference in how these tools help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively.” – Rebecca Kay.

Highlights include:

  • Don’t use the iPhone Notes app to run your business (4:30)
  • Team Management and how are you utilizing it (5:24)
  • Manage your team like a boss lady with Slack (8:48)
  • Collaborate and storage with Google Workspace (10:10)
  • Integrate and track time with Toggle (10:52)
  • Visual learning and SOP videos with Loom (11:47)
  • Record and facilitate meetings via Zoom (13:13)

Are you currently using any of these tools in your business? Is there a tool you didn’t think about that you will implement in the new year? I’d love to know! Come chat with me on Instagram or join my free Facebook Community.

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