Does your desk look like an advertisement for Post-it notes? If you love using paper and sticky notes for planning, know you’re not alone. But eventually, you will want to start using a project management tool for your planning. Trello, Monday, ClickUp, Asana – there are many to choose from and what best fits your business needs. 

Today I’m not going to focus on which platform you use, but how to use your platform as a tool to help you plan out and keep accountable for the things you want to achieve in the upcoming year. I’m sharing this, the 4 A systemization and automation process, because it is part of my VIP days, and I’ve seen success implementing these processes.  

“Brainstorming, it’s important to have your ideas somewhere. I cannot count the number of times I have forgotten some of the ideas that I have come up with because I have not typed them out in a searchable digital application or digital platforms. ” – Rebecca Kay.

Highlights include:

  • Audit and assess the previous year (2:58)
  • Automation in your business (4:42)
  • A sign (6:51)
  • Aligning (9:55)
  • Action steps (12:24)
  • Dissect the four quarters (13:39)
  • KPI’s and how close you are to your goal (14:58)
  • Brainstorm and keep a digital list of ideas (16:26)
  • Planning templates (18:41)

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