What would you do if you could free your mind from debilitating blocks of stress and other issues that life throws at us? Or do you feel a block, but you are unsure why it’s there? If you are shaking your head yes or curious about what I’m referencing, you will not want to miss the episode today. I have the pleasure of having Lauren Wingate on the show, and we are going to dive into how to run your business from a high vibration. 

Lauren is committed to helping people change their lives by releasing energetic and mental blocks and shifting their vibration to live a life with an open and free mind as they manifest and expand their capacity for whatever success they seek. 

I’m excited to have saved this episode for the first guest interview of the year—such a perfect time to talk about how we want to go into 2022 with intention. 

“We have to nurture ourselves to have balance. And if we don’t have balance, we’re not going to have a really good business.” – Lauren Wingate.

Highlights from our conversation include:

  • What Lauren does (2:52)
  • How she started helping clients (3:57)
  • High and low vibration with running a business (7:11)
  • Where you start if you have mindset blocks (10:57)
  • Day to day practices (13:45)
  • What techniques we should do (20:17)
  • Gift of vision relating to intuition (23:27)
  • Tips for strengthening the power of our subconscious mind (29:09)

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