Have you ever asked yourself if you are being the CEO of your business? Being CEO is more than just a title. And sometimes, this is a struggle because being a CEO comes with negative connotations. Especially for us women, and more especially for us as black women. 

Tune in to this unstructured episode as I dive into what I reflected on and ask myself if I’m being the CEO of my business and what part of my identity I was running away from. 

“It’s more than just being the CEO of your business. It’s being in true control of the decisions you are making and taking responsibility for the results that you are getting.” – Rebecca Kay.

Highlights from today include:

  • Covid and time to reflect (1:20)
  • The moment I realized I was not being the CEO and not being in control (3:52)
  • Embracing who I was in my career (6:15)
  • My career vs. my business (8:16)
  • 11 characteristics of leadership (8:57)
  • Homework: Are you displaying these characteristics? (11:32)
  • A new direction for my business (12:47)

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