Have you ever pivoted in your business? Or find yourself needing to make a decision but experiencing that paralysis analysis? Today I’m sharing the pivot in my business for this coming year and why I wanted to pivot. Don’t miss this episode where I dig a little deeper, be fully transparent and speak from the heart. 

“My goal is to help women become impactful leaders so that they can generate that generational wealth that our ancestors would be so proud of.” – Rebecca Kay.

Highlights from today include:

  • Terror barrier and what aligns to you (2:09)
  • Shift in energy and losing my voice (5:30)
  • Reflecting, decisions, and wanting to inspire women (7:03)
  • Helping women stand out, stand up, reclaim their power and be impactful leaders (9:10)
  • Generational wealth spread into underrepresented communities (10:44)
  • Owning my cultural identity (12:59)

Are you doing what aligns with you? Are you ready to stand out, stand up, reclaim your power and be an impactful leader? I’d love to know your thoughts! Come chat with me on Instagram during this month’s break so that we can continue the conversation.

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