Tips for mompreneurs on how to grow your business with just one hour a  day.

I get it, as moms there is nothing more precious to us than time, like I mentioned in this post. Why? That is how our kids evaluate how much we love them; by the time that we spend with them. This is how I would grow my business with 1 hour a day:

1.Creating content for my customers: 20 minutes

Whether you are a product or service-based business, you cannot be communicating with your customers only to sell them something. You need to sell a lifestyle. This is where a lot of entrepreneurs go wrong. No one wants to hear about the awesome products that you are selling everyday, not even your favorite aunty!

So everyday I would spend 20-30 minutes researching and creating new content, that would be value-adding/ useful/ inspiring/ entertaining. In between this content, you can plan to promote your product or service. Remember, creating valuable/inspiring content for your audience/customers goes a long way in growing your business.

2. Engaging with my customers: 20 minutes

Customer engagement is paramount in growing any business. If you are not having conversations with your customers in one way or another, then you will slowly lose touch with them. Your customers will start to feel that you only communicate with them when you need them to buy something from you. There are many ways you can make this a quick, easy and enjoyable process:

Batch SMS: Collect your customer’s contacts and store them in one place. Send them messages about your company every now and then.

Social media: This is the place where you can show up every single day in a meaningful way. You can also grow your customer base if you engage with customers, respond to messages and comments, comment on their photos, encourage them to share photos with your products and repost them.

Customer feedback calls: Every week, plan to call at least 1-3 customers. Find out how they are, how you can help them and get feedback about your products and services.

3. Staying on top of money and accounts: 10 minutes

It is so easy to get excited with your product and customers, forgetting the back-end operations or worse, leaving it to your team members to work on. If you don’t have a team, then start updating your sales and expense lists everyday. This will make it so much easier to work with a bookkeeper on a regular basis or to update your accounts if you do this yourself. Your business financials are crucial they determine the sustainability of the business and keeping track of the same will help you monitor business growth over time.

4. Developing my product or service: 10 minutes

You might be surprised that I would rather spend more time engaging with customers than developing my product/ service. The age of pushing products/ services onto customers has long passed us. Use the information from your customers to make their experience better and to get them to keep coming back to you.

You can even crowdsource the information and feedback you receive from your customer, and create valuable information that you can share back with them. Once you are engaging with your customers, sharing useful information with them, developing your product/ service will become much easier and you will have much more clarity on what you need to do/ improve.

How would you grow your business with 1 hour a day? How would you prioritise the actions that you need to take daily? Download your FREE copy of the ultimate time management planner for boss moms below to help you in managing your time as you run your business.

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Tips for mompreneurs on how to grow your business with just one hour a  day.