Are you at a point where you have no time to work on the things you enjoy most in your business? It's time you started thinking of how to build a team. This post will help you determine if you are ready to build a team.

Your business is growing, clients are coming in, and you’re almost feeling like you’ve reached your capacity. You are inundated with so much admin and details that you almost have no time for the things you love doing in your business. It’s probably time to start thinking about how to build your team.

And this looks different for everyone. Imagine how it would feel having someone else take care of your inbox cleanup, posting, and formatting blogs. And writing out a copy for the sales page you’ve been procrastinating for a month. This is where outsourcing and building a team can help you grow your business. Once you delegate these tasks to someone else, you can free up your time to master your expertise and serve more clients. Essentially, you want to keep close to the money-generating activities in your business and outsource the rest.

But maybe you aren’t even sure that you’re ready to start growing a team?

Before we get into the details, what exactly is a team, you may ask?

A team could be as simple as signing up for a software to manage your client admin. And relying on their support service to help you out. You could hire out a specific task on an as-and-when-needed basis through Fiverr. You could have a done-for-you service provider (like me) help you with the systems strategy in your business. The highest (and most expensive) form of a team is a permanent hire. But you definitely do not need to start with a permanent team member. And this is often where entrepreneurs postpone the process of building a team because they don’t feel ready to hire. 

So now that you know what a team could look like for your business, here are a few signs that you are ready to build a team for your business:

1. You are busy with a lot of details

If you find yourself spending more time on the busy side of your business than on the things that you do best, the things you love doing, and the things that actually = money in the bank, it’s time to build a team for your business.

As our businesses grow, so do our responsibilities. Particularly when you start serving more clients or create an offer that results in a greater influx of clients than usual. This often results in you taking time off your business to focus on all the admin and operational tasks. If you do not have the systems to automate some of these tasks, you could easily spend 80% of your time doing the things that bring only 20% of the revenue to your business.

So why not free up your time to focus on the business growth activities, and let your team run your business?

2. The more clients you have, the longer your working hours

If you are constantly telling your audience that you are fully booked, you are not only putting a cap on your revenue potential, but you’re also putting a limit on the impact that you could have on your business.

I am not here to tell you that you can make more money while working less and spending the rest of your life on a beach somewhere. I believe that money takes work, but you have to work smart. Working longer hours is not sustainable. So instead of putting in more hours, you could leverage someone else’s time and use it to grow your business.

You could leverage the power of systems to do the admin and busy work in a fraction of the time it usually takes you to do it manually.

Are you at a point where you have no time to work on the things you enjoy most in your business? It's time you started thinking of how to build a team. This post will help you determine if you are ready to build a team.

3. Your business is making money every month

This is a limiting belief that a lot of entrepreneurs think that you have to be making thousands and thousands before your first hire. But what people don’t see is that when you are doing everything on your own, you are limiting the amount of money you can make, and slowing down the rate at which your business can scale.

As long as you are making a minimum amount of revenue consistently in your business, you can build a team. Let’s say your revenue looked like this in the past 3 months:

  • 1st Month: $3000
  • 2nd Month: $1000
  • 3rd Month: $1500

At a minimum, you are making $1000 consistently. This is the number you want to work with when deciding how much you can afford to hire and automate your business. If you want to get my full formula on how to prepare your business financially for a team, check out this free training over here.

4. You’ve hit an income ceiling

Most of the time when this happens, people look to their marketing and launch strategy to troubleshoot. But realistically, even if you employ a new marketing strategy, it won’t work unless you devote enough time and effort to making it work.

And if you’re already stretched as it stands, you won’t have enough time and energy to make it work. Instead of trying to look for the latest marketing strategy out there, look at how you are spending your time in your business, and what you could possibly offload to someone else.

If you’ve been at the same monthly income for a few months, with no signs of growth, then you are probably spending way too much time on admin. Or you have too many clients to have the time for the CEO activities that are required for growth.

Do any of these signs resonate with you? You might want to check out this free training to prepare your business so that you set up your team for success from the get-go. But before then, here are a few tips to get started.

Tips to build your team

  • Create the systems that you will use to manage your team before you start the hiring process. Your team can’t thrive if you don’t have the systems to give them the best chance of succeeding
  • Start thinking of hiring before you’re even ready. Do not hire when you are completely overwhelmed and frazzled. Create your outsourcing wishlist today
  • Be clear on what you are hiring for. Look at where you are spending a lot of time with a low return on your time spend. You want to think of hiring these tasks out as soon as possible
  • Look at your finances, and check that you can afford your hire for the next 6 months

Wanna know the 4 secrets on how to design and build your dream team? Check out my exclusive free training over here and let’s get you from a 1-woman show to CEO for good!