We’ve all heard about it. We don’t want it. We think we won’t get it if we try to do all the things. This is the typical story I hear when my clients try to explain the overwhelm, anxiety and stress they are going through as solopreneurs in their businesses. It can all be summed up as burnout. But how exactly can you manage burnout as a solopreneur?

If you have ever felt like you are spinning your wheels, putting out fires left right and centre in your business, while juggling your family and work life, chances are you are burning out.

As your stress levels increase, you begin to lose the interest, consistency and motivation that you need to keep running your business, and more often than not feel like quitting is the best solution. 

First of all, you are not alone. Any successful business owner will truthfully tell you that some of these moments are inevitable. But your entire life doesn’t have to be one where you are constantly burning out. There is a way to live your life and business in full control over how, when and where you spend your time.

The secret? Burnout-proof systems. There is a lot of criticism over systems in business because of the argument that systems kill creativity. This is QUITE the opposite. When you have systems, you have more time to be creative. More time to live life a little more and more time to be in your zone of genius. So how do manage burnout as a solopreneur and step into the confident CEO that get things done consistently in your business?

Be very clear on your priorities

This will take some planning and just like any strategy, you will have to make choices. Making choices means that there are some activities/projects that you will forgo in favour of others. Not because the forgone activities are not good, but also because you won’t have the time to execute them well.

Take time off social media

Sometimes you just need to switch off from distractions. Social media is arguable one of the biggest distractions you will face. Take some time off, so that you can get back in your zone and forget about what everyone else is doing. 

Workaround your schedule 

If you want to manage burnout as a solopreneur, you will need to get super focused and protective over the time you have set aside to work on your business. How much time do you have to work on your business? Are you overestimating your available time?

Stop trying to pack in all the things, and do an amazing job at 1 or 2 activities a week. This way, you can easily track what is working, focus on the task at hand and execute to the best of your ability.

Create systems to make activities less time-consuming and stressful

Is your business systemized? Do you have a working plan for how to make systems happen in your business? Are you continuously doing things on repeat? Do you find that you have to say the same things multiple times to your clients? What can you automate and duplicate in your business so that you can save time? Even if it’s 10 minutes a day that you are saving, it is well worth your time! The key here is to incrementally save more time by making your repetitive tasks more efficient. Systemizing your business will greatly help you manage burnout as a solopreneur.

Know when to hire help

You can hire someone to help you in almost any task in your online business for as little as $5 on sites such as fiverr.com. But you need to be able to clearly atriculate what you expect from the person you are hiring. You also need to  give them the necessary support so that they can do a great job. 

As a mom, there’s a lot that we need to get done by the end of the day from kids, house chores, business etc. Delegating some of your other roles would make it easier for you to juggle all the roles you play. For example, you could hire a chef to help with cooking or having someone to help with babysitting.

You could even play tag-team with your friends and help each other with 2 hours of babysitting every week so that you can catch up on business. Get as much help as possible so that you can leverage off other people’s time. And see this expense as an investment in your energy management and wellbeing.

I must warn you that hiring help might be time-consuming. But in the long run you’ll save up so much more of your time.

Set your boundaries

Working from home solopreneurs have a difficult time setting time apart to log-off work. As solopreneurs we tend to think that any free time we have on our hands should be spent trying to build the business. 

The truth is, if you want a more balanced life and manage burnout as a soloreneur, you are going to have to create boundaries and respect them. Create working hours for your work, working hours for your business and stick to them. The quicker you do this, the better for your wellness, your sanity and your family.

Celebrating Small Wins 

As a solopreneur we all have this vision or goal for our business that we have set our minds to achieve and more often along the way we tend to get obsessed and engrossed to achieve it. This makes it very difficult to accommodate “change” over which we might not have control.

When the business is not progressing in the expected direction, we tend to get frustrated and stressed. This is a clear sign that burnout is on the way, and we want to manage the burnout before it gets the best of us. 

It is important to celebrate the small wins as they gear us towards achieving the ultimate goal. This means you deserve to pat yourself on the back for the daily progress, you deserve that toast, the spa treatment or any form of celebration you choose.


Our bodies get overwhelmed and this easily lowers our productivity. It’s important for solopreneurs to take time outs to recharge and rejuvenate. Go on that vacation, road trip and staycation. Time-outs not only refresh and relax the body, they also stimulate the mind with new ideas, strategies etc. since a good idea can come from anywhere it’s not pegged to your work station.

In Conclusion

What tips do you use to manage burnout as a solopreneur, keep calm and get work-life-business balance? If you have found this post useful and would like to get more tips delivered into your inbox, download the business organization and planning toolkit below.

how to manage burnout as a solopreneur