Are you ready to grow your team? Here are tips on how to prepare your business for massive growth with a team.


You are doing all the things in your business, but you’ve realized that it’s not sustainable. Most of us start our online businesses as solopreneurs, and I get why it’s not always the easiest thing to let go of doing everything and let someone else do it for you.

But it’s the key to growing your business. No one has more than 24 hours in a day! At some point, your business responsibilities are going to outweigh the time you can realistically spend on your business on a day-to-day basis. 

So, if you’ve been trying to figure out how to create capacity to serve more clients and scale your revenue, growing your team is going to be a critical part of your success going forward.

But where do you even start? With that cute little post on Facebook that you’re looking for a VA?

No! There is much more to growing a team than finding the right person. And this is often the part that female entrepreneurs miss the most. They wait until they are completely overwhelmed and then start panic-hiring. The purpose of this blog is to help you prepare for your team so you can maximize your return on your team investment.

But first of all, let’s clear the air on the misconceptions around growing a team.

Misconceptions around growing a team

I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive.

There are so many ways to grow a team. You don’t need to have a permanent employee right off the bat. Instead of thinking it’s too expensive, think “How can I get the help I need with the budget I have?”. I have a team of contractors in my business, and sometimes I get people on a very short-term basis to help me out.  

Hiring means I am giving my profits away to someone else.

Think about what it’s costing you to do all the things in your business. Doing all the busy work is taking away from the time you have to do the activities that actually = money in the bank. So would you rather limit your capacity to grow your revenue? Or hire help and free up your time for the money-making activities that only you can do?

It’s quicker to do it myself.

While this may be true, it’s certainly not the best use of your time to do all the admin work that’s necessary when you’re running a business. 

No one does it better than me

Instead of thinking that only you can do what you do in your business, have you thought about all the skilled people out there that only create graphics or manage digital workspaces or write copy? I want you to start asking yourself how you can hire people that do things better than you so you can focus on your mastery and the things you do best in your business.

I got to where I am as a solopreneur, I can get to the next level on my own

This is a very common misconception. But when you started out you probably had half the responsibilities and tasks on your plate than what it looks like right now. So while you may have easily gotten to those 5K months on your own, it’s only going to get harder to get to the next level without any help in your business.

Why you need a team to grow your business

As a female entrepreneur, wearing all the hats in your business is not uncommon. But it does become overwhelming when you have more clients to serve and more responsibilities on your plate.

As your business grows, doing inbox maintenance, social media management, and all the busy work in between can easily become the bain of your existence.

This is when a new hire can literally save your life. Hiring someone to do this work more efficiently is a much better use of your money and time than trying to do it all on your own.

Think about it in terms of the opportunity cost. When you spend an hour managing your inbox, you are forgoing the opportunity to spend an hour serving a client and making actual money in the bank.

And worse off, if you could hire the thing out at a fraction of your hourly rate. It makes no sense to be doing all the things in your business.

And more time freed up means:

  • More time to focus on your zone of genius and perfect your mastery
  • Increased capacity to serve more clients and give them a world-class client experience
  • Less time spent working in your business and more time working ON your business
  • Protecting your wellbeing by ditching 12-hour work days
  • More time for income generating activities = more money in the bank
  • You can finally take time off your business & feel confident that you won’t come back to chao

Before you start growing a team

Before you make that decision for your first hire, there are some adjustments you are going to need to make in your business.

Adjust your ways of working

Let’s say you are hiring a podcast manager. The days of recording your podcast the day before it’s meant to be aired are going to be a thing of the past. Adjusting your processes and ways of working is such a critical aspect of your team’s success. And without systems in place, this almost becomes impossible to do.

Set up a project management system

If you’re used to keeping sticky notes and notebooks to remember what to do in your business & when then now is a good time to elevate yourself into a more organized system. Read more about how to set up your project management system using my favourite tool over here.

Your project management system will enable you to easily onboard your new team members, assign them tasks and create workflows that are easy for them to follow, and never have things falling through the cracks.

Create thorough SOPs

Your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are going to be so so critical in feeling confident about delegating to new hires, and the actual success of your new hires. An SOP is simply a detailed job description of how to get a specific task done in your business. You can read more about SOPs over here

Prepare an onboarding pack

Don’t leave your team members hanging once they are on board. Create an onboarding pack which you can use for every new team member who joins your crew.

I love using my business dashboard in Asana for team orientation because it has all the important information about my business in one single place.

Be clear on what you’re hiring for

Your first hire should not always be a virtual assistant. In order to know what you need to hire for, you need to assess how you are spending your time in your business. And which areas need immediate attention. 

We cover a number of exercises in my Solo to CEO VIP day, which I invite you to check out over here.

In conclusion, 

Growing your business with a team is going to be a game-changer for your business. But before you start looking for team hires, prepare your business so that your team members have the best chances of succeeding.

Growing a team takes a lot of work, and doing it without the proper foundational systems in place is only going to cause more friction and stress for you than when you were alone in your business.

So even if you’re not feeling quite ready to grow your team, start preparing before you’re ready. Create your foundational systems, set up your project management systems, put SOPs in place. Then get that dreamy outsourcing wishlist down so you know what your next move will be once you are ready to grow your team.

Are you looking to scale your business or grow a team? Let’s chat about how to prepare your business today so that you and your team (or future team) can thrive. Book your systems audit over here.

Are you ready to grow your team? Here are tips on how to prepare your business for massive growth with a team.