Mid-year goals reflections and review for 2020.

I woke up to a normal day in the house with my newborn twin girls and noisy toddler son, and when I went onto social media during the day, I realized that this was not just a normal day for most, it was the first day of the second half of what is probably the most eventful year for many of us! I already started reviewing my 2020 goals back in May, and you can have a look at this post to see my process. But, I just had to do it again for tradition’s sake.

Short-term goals – 9. Achieved – 2

I am honestly so happy that I have managed to move the needle with my goals, all while having 2 kids under 2 + a toddler at home throughout.

I have been intentional about celebrating small wins, even as I work towards my big goals, but here are a few short-term goals that I won:

  • Started the Women Thrive Tribe community
  • Saved half of my targeted savings
  • Invested in a business coach

Long-term goals – 4. Achieved – 0


Having twins has been no mean feat. Having a toddler to attend to during lock-down has been even tougher. Adding a business community to the mix makes me wonder whether I was sane to do so! But I have had some of the most fulfilling moments in my life during this time for which I will be forever grateful.


While these are 2-5 year goals, I cannot say that I have not done anything to get on track to achieving them. Starting the Women Thrive Tribe community alone has been a game-changer for me, and not only has it helped me realize my potential and passion for empowering women, but it has also brought along so many relationships that I needed to have during this season.


I took 6 months off work to focus on raising my twins, not knowing that Covid-19 had its own plans. So career-wise we are at a standstill, but this is something I knew I would have to sacrifice in the short-term.

I have truly come to appreciate the power of focusing on a few things and doing them well. When the time comes, I will be back at my desk in the office, doing what I need to do to get back on track with my career path.

Mind & Wellness

Who knew that I would have read 6 books, year to date, all while giving birth to twins? I thank the Kindle for making it easy to read on the go, on my phone, and whenever I have a few minutes to spare. This is honestly the only reason why I have been able to read this much.

Purpose & Faith

At the beginning of the year, I was tired of wandering in life not knowing if I was pursuing my purpose or just a well-paying career. I have made significant progress in understanding who I am, what makes me happy and fulfilled, and who I want to be. All these can be packaged into a “job description”, but if you are not sure whether you are on the right path, it could all be meaningless.

Finding my purpose and calling is a journey, but I have made big leaps into helping other ambitious mums to start, grow and thrive in their businesses. That to me is a calling on its own, and I feel fulfilled to have started on this path.

Learning lessons from the first half of 2020

When I ask, “how many balls are you juggling”, I only expect other moms to understand what I mean. I had plans in my mind for my maternity leave, including

  • working while my son would be in school
  • traveling for a baecation
  • planning a 60th birthday for someone special in my life
  • achieving a higher target for my new business

All these plans became meaningless when the lockdown in Kenya was announced for the third time!!! I am learning to adjust and to find ways of working around my kids in a way that still makes them feel attended to and appreciated.

I am also learning about celebrating small wins as I focus on my big goals. My business is not where I would have wanted it to be, but I have made so much progress in laying the foundation to what I know will be a huge success!

How have you adjusted to 2020 so far, and what wins have you experienced?

Mid-year goals reflections and review for 2020.