So SOPs.. Do you have them? And why should you care anyway?

Here’s the thing. At some point, you’re going to have way too many hats to balance on your head, and at this point you’ll need to lean into systems and human resources.

Otherwise, you may find yourself trapped in a hugely successful business, with no control over your time, or with even less time off than when you had a day job.

Standard Operating Procedures are a critical element of building the necessary foundation to help you run your business and leverage other people’s time if you want to delegate effectively.

In this episode we talk about

  • What SOPs are

  • Why you need them

  • How to start setting up your SOPs

  • Which tasks to prioritize when it comes to setting up your SOPs (do not do everything all at once!)

  • The importance of properly documenting and organizing your SOPs, and the tools that I use in my business to do this

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What are SOPs and why you need them in your business

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