I would love to hear from you and learn about how we could collaborate and work together! I am so passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs organize their business so they can confidently bring on their first team hires and get back to making a big impact through their mission.

Having helped women around the world refine their business operations, I have seen how this has enabled them to be ahead of their growth curve, while creating more white space for them to thrive and focus on the things that matter the most to them.

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Systems are a necessity to running a scalable & sustainable business....

That’s why I am so passionate about helping female entrepreneurs see the possibilities of how they can scale their impact with the right systems, structure & processes to support them & their team! Your audience will leave empowered with the exact steps to step into their rightful role as the CEO of their business and confidently bring on team hires so they can focus on making a big impact through their mission.

Suggested topics

  • What are systems and why do you need them to scale your business?
  • What are the 5 core systems required to scale your business
  • What type of systems do you need before hiring a team?
  • Where should you start when you want to set up systems in your business?
  • What are SOPs and why are they a necessity when it comes to delegating effectively?
  • How to set up SOPs without getting overwhelmed?
  • Systems, Processes, SOPs, workflows & why they make a huge difference in team effectiveness
  • The tech tools you need to manage your team effectively
  • How to save 2 hours a day with a project management system
  • My 4A Method to automate your business like a boss
  • How to create and automate your processes
  • How to practice self care for your business
  • How to automate and delegate effectively
  • The Solo to CEO framework to be the boss of your business
  • How to create & maximize your CEO day

Ways to collaborate

  • Guest podcast
  • Guest blog
  • Virtual Summit
  • Virtual Workshop
  • Facebook Group Training
  • Social Media Joint Live Sessions