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You are a determined go-getter!

You are ready to go all in your business, but often not sure where to start when it comes to getting things done on a daily basis… Don’t worry, we all go through this (myself included) when you start working on your business, and stare at the blinking cursor for a few minutes before deciding to check out your social media to distract yourself from the real priorities at hand.

You are bursting with ideas, and there just isn’t enough hours in a day to get them off the ground. This can easily lead to multitasking, and overworking yourself because of the fear of missing out.

You need a simple system to keep you focussed on the 1-3 daily priorities that will move the needle forward in your business, a.k.a your daily method of operation.

The ideas that keep buzzing in your head could easily get lost if you don’t have a system to track all of them, especially when they pop in at different times during the day (like when you are in the shower, happens to me too!).



  • Brain dump all the tasks and ideas that are buzzing in your mind, on a piece of paper
  • Organize them into the 4 core areas of business: 
  • ✔ Marketing
  • ✔ Clients
  • ✔  Operations
  • ✔ Products & Services


  • Add your organized to-do lists into your project management tool (if you haven’t signed up for one yet, Asana is your best bet if you are starting out)
  • Create a separate project for each of the 4 core areas of business so your to-do’s are easy to find and track.
  • Assign yourself to all the tasks so you can view them in one dashboard under the ‘My tasks’ view.


  • Pick your 3 priorities for the day, and focus on just that
  • Start tracking and prioritizing your tasks in your project management tool
  • Be consistent in your daily planning and action taking.

Resources to get you going:

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Hi, I'm Rebecca!

I’m a Systems & Automations strategist, and my mission is to help you organize your business so you can bring on their first team hires and get back to making a big impact through their mission.

I really want to help you be in full control of your business, so you can truly step into the CEO role that is rightfully yours, and focus on the mission to make an impact in your business! Not the busy work in the back-end… 

I have helped women around the world refine their business operations, enabling them to be ahead of their growth curve, while creating more white space for them to thrive and focus on the things that matter the most to them.

As a mom of 3 including twins I can proudly say that the only way I’ve been able to fully set up and run two successful online businesses alongside my high-pressure corporate job is….systems & a strategic team on my side.

I help moms get organized, find their own work-life balance and use systems to grow & scale their businesses