Systemize your business like a pro using my 4s method.

What parts of your business are the most stressful? What if it was possible to stop getting stressed out about anything and everything in your business, and start working like a BOSS? Systemize your business using my 4S method; this is not a quick fix, but if you take time to put in the work upfront, you will reap the benefits and become the #bossmom that you truly are!

I am sharing my 4S method with you because these systems have enabled me to

  • build a community from scratch during a pandemic
  • raise two babies and a toddler AT home and spend 24 hours of my day with them
  • share valuable information with you so that you can build a thriving business!

If you do not systemize your business, you are going to spend so much time running around doing things that you should actually be doing on autopilot! 

Remember, your time will always be limited and that is why you need systems to help you get over the overwhelm, burnout and misery that a lot of mumpreneurs endure unnecessarily.

And don’t even think of hiring someone to help you out before you go through my method below. You can’t expect someone else to know what to do when you don’t have a proper system in place to show them!

1. List down all your tasks

What do you do every single day in your business?

What have you done for the last 6 months in your business?

List everything from marketing to product development to customer enquiries to social media communication to website development…… Whew, being an entrepreneur is werrrk!

2. Split your tasks between once-off and re-occurring

You should now have main categories and then a column for once-off and re-occurring tasks under each category. So for example, under CUSTOMER there should be a column “ONCE-OFF” and a column “RE-OCCURRING”.

If you find yourself repeating the same task often, then the chances are high that part of the task can be automated.

Tick off the items in the “re-occurring” list that you think can be automated.

For example, if you find yourself sending the same response to your customers when they make a specific enquiry, then save this response in draft emails or templates on your email service provider’s platform, and use the template instead of typing out the response each and every time. This task should therefore be ticked as “automated” to indicate that you will work on putting a process in place to cut down the time spent on this task.

Systemize your business like a pro using my 4s method.

3. Systemize the tasks marked as “automate” in the list of re-occurring tasks

If you think it can be automated, chances are that someone has already developed an app or program to automate the task. Let Google be your friend in doing the necessary research, and hit me a reply if you need help on finding solutions to systemize your business.

Technology can be your best friend if you make time to find simple solutions and apps to help you thrive! The best part: a lot of them are FREE!

The apps I use (almost daily) the most to manage this community:

  • Notion – planning & keeping all my processes and biz resources in 1 central place
  • Canva – DIY graphic design
  • Mailerlite – Free customer email management tool
  • Planoly – Plan my social media posts

4. Prioritise tasks that cannot be automated

There will be tasks that will need your unique attention, and some that not even an assistant can help you with.

This is when you need to prioritise. The items on the top priority should be revenue-generating, customer-nurturing items.

Everything else should either be:

  • outsourced
  • batched (find a time(s) during the week to complete these activities in one go, instead of trying to do them everyday)

You are the CEO of your business! Do not spend your time completing tasks. Actually, not more than 20-30% of your time should be spent on these tasks.

You should be spending 70-80% of your time thinking about how to grow your biz, build trust from your target customers and improve your product/service offering and promote your business.

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