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  • 8 Tried and Tested Time Management Hacks for Mom Bosses

    Happy Women’s History month everyone!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    TIME is always a scarce resource for me. Do you ever feel like you’re working so hard for your family and future and you don’t even get to spend your hard earned successes with your family or the people that matter the most to you? In my first year of working as a new mom I almost always had these guilty feelings, but realised that I was not the only person in this situation and I had to make some changes to how I managed my time.

    So here are my 8 tried and tested HACKS to becoming the master of your time as a mom, it takes a lot of discipline and determination ????⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    1. PRIORITIZE: The days of having long lists of 101 items to do a day are over. If you achieve 3 items on your to-do list you’re a ninja. So prioritise based on the Big 4:

    • Important but urgent
    • Important but not urgent
    • Urgent but not important
    • Not urgent and not important

    Don’t waste your time doing things that are not urgent or important, these are the things that usually drain our energy and time unkowingly. Instead, split your to do list between these big 4 quadrants, and focus on the first two. Once you have done these two, you will feel much more accomplished as you will have completed the tasks that would make the biggest impacts on your goals.

    2. DELEGATE: Being a super mom does not mean you have to do everything yourself. You might actually find yourself getting better results by delegating some of those mundane tasks to someone else…..⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    3. BE INTENTIONAL: Over the past 6 months, I came up with a plan to be at home by latest 6pm everyday, and spend at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time with my family. It doesn’t always happen but every week I take stock, and make sure that I’m becoming better at it.

    4. STREAMLINE YOUR PROCESSES: I know this sounds crazy, but being organized will do you so much more good than doing things on the fly. Here are just a few processes that I have used and have saved me a lot of time managing my household:

    • A shopping list that I maintain and update once a week the day before I do my online shopping. I use the Cozi app to sync this list with my husband’s list. That way, I do not have to remind him to send me his list, it’s already on the app!
    • A weekly to-do list for my househelp’s activities. This way I do not have to send her daily reminders of what she needs to do, she already knows what needs to get done and is much happier working like this

    5. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS: Spending 20 minutes getting one item done, leads to more productivity than trying to get 5 things done in 60 minutes, the researchers say. The more you train yourself to focus on doing one thing, and doing that one thing really well, the more efficient you will become. Keep distractions away, put your phone away and focus on the task at hand. This is also why batch-processing works so well. If you can get pockets of time (at least 1-2 hours) in your busy schedule to sit down and get something done without any distractions, you will be surprised at how much you can achieve in a week!

    6. CREATE A NIGHTTIME ROUTINE AND STICK TO IT: We often focus so much on our morning routines, that we forget that if we are not in bed by a certain time, the chances of waking up in time and having a great start to the day are very low. So remember to come up with a simple routine, set a time to go to bed and keep distractions (like surfing on your cellphone) to a minimum. You need your beauty sleep, mama!

    7. MAXIMISE YOUR “FREE TIME”: If you commute to work daily, try and get 5-10 minutes of good reading time in. If you have a quiet break-out place at work, try and use some of your lunch time to get something done, even if it’s catching up on your latest Netflix series. I love using the Audibles app on my way to work, it gets me going on some of the books that I would never have time to read.

    8. IMPERFECTION IS PART OF THE JOURNEY: You will never get to perfection momma, so do your best everyday and celebrate your wins. ALWAYS remember that it is about maximizing the limited time that you have and not always about ticking boxes, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

    Download your free weekly planning template below!