• My Pregnancy delivery plans and #Coronavirus

    newborn baby haul and items that I have bought in advance, including huggies diapers, sterilisers and Aveeno bath creams

    With the impacts of #Coronavirus far reaching on how we will work, how business will operate and how we will interact with one another, it would be ignorant to not start making contingency plans about my pregnancy delivery, that is happening in a few days’ time.

    Here are a few things I have done to prepare in advance for my pregnancy delivery:

    Pregnancy delivery contingency plans
    1. We booked our hospital bed this weekend, and we are hoping that there will be space for us when we eventually check in, in a few days’ time.
    2. I have stocked up on my favourite Huggies diapers for newborns – enough for a month.
    3. I have stocked up on imported newborn essentials such as sterilising tablets, cotton wool, bathing creams.
    4. We have bought the most common medicines that we found ourselves buying with our first child: meds like paracetamol and colic-relieving medicines, and pain killers for anyone in the house.
    5. We will probably not have any visitors outside of close family in the first few days of our babies’ arrivals. This is one of the plans that may or may not happen according to plan. However, I think most of our friends and family will support this decision.
    6. We have two dispensers of hand sanitiser outside the baby room and at the main entrance of our home. Our son has been happily enforcing the new hand sanitizing rule as people enter our house ????
    7. I have not bought any formula, as I am planning on breastfeeding and expressing from day 1.

    Tag an expectant mommy who may find this list useful, in the comments section. As always, keep safe and follow the hygiene and other rules and guidelines that your country has communicated.


    Read and follow updates from reputable media sources, and try to disconnect if it becomes overwhelming for you. Being informed with factual and up-to-date information will definitely reduce the chances of anything happening to you and your baby if you are expectant. #donotpanic


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