Is your to to do list overwhelming and not sure what to outsource first? Here are the top four tasks you can outsource and take your business to the next level.

Letting go of doing all the things in your business is one of the hardest things. I completely get it. But what happens in between trying to get your Instagram post out and finding time for the new business idea that’s been on your list for the longest time? Burnout or delegation. Because once you have your core systems set up and working for you, you’ll still get to a point where you can’t do everything yourself. This begs the question which tasks should you outsource first?

There is a reason why companies hire experts to do specific tasks. They even go to the extent of outsourcing when their core staff doesn’t have the expertise. This is when you truly know you are in your zone of genius. When you have outsourced everything that’s out of your specialty and core CEO tasks and focused on what you do best.

But this is also not where you want to start. Going on a hiring spree could be extremely distracting for your business and revenue flow. So which tasks should you outsource first?

First, check out my blog here and here where I talk about why you should grow your business with a team and how to know you’re ready for one. 

Here are the top 4 tasks that I see my clients & other entrepreneurs outsourcing first.

Task 1: Social media admin

Creating content is an income-generating activity, and that’s why the admin bit is what you would typically outsource first. I know many 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs who still create their own content because it’s the only way to infuse their personality and way of thinking. And this is also how they attract their ideal clients.

Think of things like scheduling, collecting statistics, creating archive content banks, engaging with potential leads, tracking leads, etc. A social media manager could easily do this for you.

If you have a blog, you could type it out and let your virtual assistant do everything else including SEO optimization, formatting, creating blog graphics.

Task 2: Copywriting

This is big because there are different types of copywriting in an online business. There is the copy you create for your social media, but there’s also copy that’s generally geared towards converting followers into paying customers. 

Copywriting also takes a heck lot of time! Having someone else do it for you, could lift a big load off your shoulder. You don’t have to have a full-time copywriter, you could simply outsource as needed. For instance, before a big launch, when you create a new offer.

Task 3: File & inbox admin

Email is probably one of the most underrated areas where entrepreneurs spend ‘dead’ time. I call it ‘dead’ time because

  • It’s responsive, and you are really working on someone else’s agenda
  • It’s usually used as a distraction or procrastinating tool to get away from something else you really need to get done

If this sounds like you, then you definitely want to consider having someone handle your inbox. Especially if you have a large membership or group course with a high influx of incoming messages.

Before you hire someone, definitely get your inbox and digital workspace cleaned up first. Check out this blog for some tips or apply for my VIP Day where we focus on a framework that will keep you organized and out of your inbox for good.

You could definitely automate a huge aspect of your inbox management. Only delegate what can’t be automated such as; replying to client inquiries or handling complaints or questions from clients in a membership. 

Task 4: Graphic creation

How many graphics do you create in a day? Or a week? Anyone else who constantly has Canva open (raise up your hand 💁🏽‍♀️)? While this may be something enjoyable for you, graphics ALONE will not get your business to the next level. Going to the next level is a combination of your strategy, consistency, copy & branding. 

And if this is not your strong point, definitely consider getting someone to create templates that you (or a virtual assistant) can re-use easily.

Bonus task: Podcast editing

This only applies if you have a podcast, but outsourcing the entire podcast workflow to my podcast manager has been a game-changer. I’ve been able to literally brainstorm podcast ideas, repurpose from my blog,record and hand over everything else to my amazing podcast manager, Leah.

Side note: Hiring a virtual assistant is not always the first hire you need. You should always look at what’s keeping you away from your zone of genius and outsource from there first.

You want to outsource the things that are farthest away from your expertise (that need to get done) first. 

If you’re not sure what these are in your business, let’s have a chat.

You can learn more about my Solo to CEO VIP Days where you walk away with a systems plan & the clarity on what you should outsource next so you can optimize your daily method of operation and achieve your ideal workweek.

Is your to to do list overwhelming and not sure what to outsource first? Here are the top four tasks you can outsource and take your business to the next level.