Is your business visible enough? Want to to step up your business visibility? Here are some super amazing tips that will boost your visibility.

It seems odd: you develop an amazing product or service and you know that your target customer will love it. But Day 1 comes, you launch your business, and no one besides you and a few crickets are there to witness your grand opening. Not even an inquiry or a “like” on your social media pages about your new revolutionary product. Your business is not visible to the people who matter the most.

If you are not actively promoting your business, no one will know about it. Your business will not be visible enough to attract the ideal customer, and eventually make money. I know how we, as moms like to keep things hush hush, as we feel the guilt of pursuing a dream that is not closely related to raising our children. We never want to come across as being selfish or not having our priorities right. We then try to start a side hustle with the hope that our family and friends never get to hear about it or see it.

Besides the negative mindset that you need to overcome, you need to start learning how to promote your business from Day 1! This might not come naturally, but it is necessary if you want to stick in business for long.

The first message your customers should hear from you is NOT “BUY THIS/ I HAVE A SALE/ WHILE STOCKS LAST”. This is also a sure way of being the one person that no one wants to talk to (in fear of getting the “car salesman” type talk).

The magic solution? KNOW, LIKE, TRUST!

It’s like a relationship. There is a lot that needs to happen before you get to the point of marrying someone. There is awareness which leads to friendship, which leads to being vulnerable. This leads to intimacy and a whole lot of other things that happen once there is trust between two people.

Here are some super amazing tips that you will need to get ahead of the curve and get your business in front of the right audience.


So the first step to becoming visible as a mom in business is:

  • START TALKING about the value that your product or service offers, and be specific about what exactly it is that you are offering
  • START SHARING valuable information with your target audience for free
  • SHOW value, a lot of it for free! Naturally, people will want to know and hear from you more. They will want to know what else they can get from you.
Is your business visible enough? Want to to step up your business visibility? Here are some super amazing tips that will boost your visibility.


You will start off with an audience who is somewhat interested, but wants to know more about what you are offering.

This is your moment to shine, show your target customers that you know what you are talking about. Here are a few things that I do before I share posts or send emails to my subscribers.

  • Research before you share information
  • Find out what customers are looking for, by ASKING them. Short and quick surveys are really useful
  • Use conversation threads from groups where you would find your typical target customer, to create content and information that will directly respond to your customer’s pain points


Your customers need to feel that you genuinely care about them, as you would a friend. At this point, once you start promoting your products, your customers

  • already know what to expect from you
  • also know that you are the go-to person for the problem that you are trying to solve
  • appreciate that you will give them value for the price that you are charging.

So like you have seen above, the journey to getting a customer who trusts you enough to buy from you, is a long journey, and any shortcuts you try to take will only do you a disservice.

Remember: you are in charge of this process. Keep showing up consistently, and work hard at building an engaged audience. Check out my post on how to keep accountable to your goals, in line with showing up and taking action consistently to become more visible to the right audience.

*TOP TIP*: Ignore the vanity metrics; it’s no longer about how many “followers” or “subscribers” or “phone contacts” you have, but more about how many engaged target customers you have on your list.